Visa Type: E
  • Expert/ consultant/ employee/ individual appointed in Government or semi-government/ autonomous bodies/ projects and equivalent organization
  • Employee/ individual appointed in any local/foreign, government/non-government/liaisons/
  • Industry/ commercial and Equivalent organization
  • Employee/individual appointed in local/foreign/ government/non-government commercial or Equivalent organization.

Purpose of visit: Employment/ service


Passport with minimum 6 (six) months validity.

Filled-in application form that could be accessed in this link

Three recent colored photographs with white background (size: 45mm X 35mm).

Invitation letter/recommendation letter from BIDA/BEPZA/BEZA/BoI (BIDA/BEPZA/BEZA/BoI) should kindly send the invitation letter/recommendation letter by their official email to mission’s official email)

Proof of Return air ticket

Bank statement.

Company bank statement with minimum amount IDR 20 million

Guarantee letter from the employer, if employed or organization (if service).

Copy of KTP, KK, Passport and Kitas (for foreigner).

Company profile.

Employment contract.

Vaccination certificate.


  • In every case after examining the bona fide of the employing organization and the certificate from the Ministry/BIDA/BEPZA/BEZA/BoI to the effect that the appointment has been duly made concerned visa issuing authority may issue multiple entry visa for maximum 03 (three) months duration. For E category, visa permission of the Ministry of Home affairs is not required if certificate from the concerned Ministry/BIDA/BEPZA/BEZA/BoI presented.

If extension is necessary, the Department of Immigration and Passport may extend multiple entry visa for the full period of the work permit on the basis of the recommendation from the employer. It applied for extension for second time, based on satisfactory application, Department of Immigration and Passport office may extend multiple entry visa for the full period of work permit or 03 (three) year, whichever is the lesser.