Visa Type: T



Purpose of visit:

  • Any person of any country which Bangladesh has diplomatic relations.
  • Participating in any seminar/workshop/study tour organized at private level.



  • Passport with minimum 6 (six) months validity.
  • Filled-in application form that could be accessed in this link
  • Three recent colored photographs with white background (size: 45mm X 35mm).
  • Invitation/ sponsor letter from Bangladesh or proof of confirmation of hotel accommodation
  • Proof of Return air ticket
  • Bank statement.
  • Company bank statement with minimum amount IDR 20 million
  • Guarantee letter from the employer, if employed by the research institution or organization (if service).
  • Copy of KTP, KK, Passport and Kitas (for foreigner).
  • Vaccination certificate

Additional Documents:

  • Statement letter written in English stated that, while in Bangladesh the applicant should not visit the Rohingya camp, should not do journalism activities, and will be back to Indonesia once the trip is finished.
  • Indonesian police clearance (SKCK)



Concerned visa issuing authority may issue single entry visa for the applicant.