Visa Type: E1

Individuals in connection with supply, maintenance, supervision and inspection and similar other business relating to project, machinery and equipment, software, etc 

Purpose of visit: To inspect/ install/ supervise/ maintain/ supply and inspect project software or equipment.


Passport with minimum 6 (six) months validity.

Filled-in application form that could be accessed in this link

Three recent colored photographs with white background (size: 45mm X 35mm).

Invitation letter/recommendation letter from BIDA/BEPZA/BEZA/BoI (BIDA/BEPZA/BEZA/BoI’s official email should send the recommendation letter to mission’s email)

Proof of Return air ticket

Bank statement.

Company bank statement with minimum amount IDR 20 million

Guarantee letter from the employer, if employed or organization (if service).

Copy of KTP, KK, Passport and Kitas (for foreigner).

Company profile.

Vaccination certificate.


  • Concerned visa issuing authority will issue visa for a duration of maximum 03 (three) months with definite number of entries after examining the recommendation letter from BIDA/BEPZA/BEZA/BoI, invitation from local sponsor, agreement/contract of supplier organization/authority of inviting/importing organization.

Department of Immigration and Passport may extend visa for 01 (one) month duration on the basis o signed contract with machinery supplier’s organization, recommendation of local sponsor and police report. However, work permit will be required for further extension, and it could be extended by up to the duration of the work permit.